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New! AS9100 certification
Utilized our copper alloys
in Aerospace, Aviation
and Defense industries

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We maintain an extensive inventory of brass bars and a variety of alloys, sizes and shapes

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Bronze alloys consist mainly copper and tin with other metal and non metal additives.

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Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum bronze has a golden color and is known for its high strength and corrosion resistance.

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Green Metals

Finkelstein Metals are expert manufactures of low-lead alloys, which some of them are dezincification

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Finkelstein Metals is a long established manufacturer of copper alloys for industries worldwide, including industries such as aerospace, transportation, general engineering, marine, defense, and oil and gas. Customers in these industries use Finkelstein copper alloy products for a wide range of parts, equipment and end products, including fasteners and twisting, fixed parts, gears, cylinder liners, hydraulic systems and transmission parts. Click on your industry below to find out more.


Finkelstein produces copper alloy products for the aerospace industry, manufacturing strong, durable products that withstand extreme…

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Finkelstein Metals’ high quality copper alloys are widely used in automotive industries around the world.

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Finkelstein Metals produces high quality copper alloys for a wide variety of ships, boats and other sea craft.

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Oil & Gas

Safety is a top priority in this industry, which is why oil and gas companies around the globe know that they can count of Finkelstein Metals.

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General engineering

Finkelstein Metals supplies a large range of copper alloy products for engineering purposes. Customers worldwide receive specific copper alloy products to fit their precise requirements…

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Finkelstein Metals produces high quality copper alloys for the defense industry – products that are integrated into military equipment, ammunition and infrastructure around the world.

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Finkelstein Metals stands for high quality products and services, and great emphasis is placed on quality assurance and quality control in each and every stage of production.

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Finkelstein QA laboratories are equipped with advanced QA tools and equipment, including:

  • Modern spectrometers:
    – For identifying the chemical composition of each alloy
    – Capable of checking up to 20 elements
    – Accurate and precise

  • Computerized QA systems:
    – For checking the mechanical characteristics of the alloys

The company performs regular QA testing, including:

  • Penetrant liquid inspections
  • Dezincification test
  • Ammonia vapor tests
  • Metallography examinations
  • Ultrasonic instruments for detecting and preventing internal flaws

A certificate of Analysis (COA) is attached to each batch of products sent to customers.

About Us


To provide worldwide customers with a wide variety of excellent copper alloy semi-finished products, manufactured with high quality assurance and in compliance with strict standards and regulations.

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Maof Non-Ferrous Metals Ltd. Is now merged with Finkelstein Metals Ltd. On January 1st 2015 Maof Non-Ferrous Metals has been merged into Finkelstein metals Ltd.

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