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Finkelstein Metals are experts at manufacturing low-lead alloys – dezincification resistant alloys that can be purchased from the company off-the-shelf or ordered specifically to fit customers’ requirements

Over time, the lead contained in fixtures that carry drinking water – especially those made of brass – could leak into the drinking water, contaminating the water and creating a health hazard. The solution is therefore green alloys – metals that do not contain the elements that could affect our health or the environment, yet still perform well and maintain similar chemical properties as regular alloys.

In the USA, certain federal bills and state laws require manufacturers to minimize the potential exposure to lead in pipes and plumbing of drinking water – in California and Vermont, for example. President Obama also signed a National Lead Free Bill to reduce the content of lead in drinking water faucets, fittings and valves, as well as additional potable water applications.

Finkelstein Metals manufactures and markets a wide range of green alloy, low-lead products around the world, in compliance with these laws and regulations, including bars, rods, ingots, profiles and billets.

The company’s low lead and lead-free brass, bronze and special copper alloys are dezincification corrosion resistant, have excellent machinability, and maintain strength, hardness and durability. These products can be used for drinking water applications, non-return valves, shower valves, taps and faucets, fire protection devices, and even automotive and electrical parts.

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Other Low-lead alloys can be manufactured upon customer request. For more information about Finkelstein Green Alloys, please contact us.