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In today’s markets reality it is well known that many enterprise will prefer a value added supplier which can supply a final component to be pulled directly into the assembly lines. This methodology carry a lot of sense as machining and forging copper alloys requires unique expertise. Added to that is the cost of the raw material which is usually much higher then iron alloys for example. When machining copper alloys much of the well paid for material is left on the floor as turns. For customers who prefer turned or forged and turned parts we are offering our services of shipping ready to be assembled parts.

This mode of operation can save the customer a lot of money.Customer pays only for the net weight of material in the final part and the machining labor.

  • The turns go back to remelting at our mill and are not charged.
  • Customer get only QA approved parts.
  • Shipping volume and weight are reduced substantially as only the final parts are sent.
  • Storage at customer facility reduced.
  • The parts we process are of the best quality and value for money.