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Special Sizes

Although you can find a very large range of bars sizes, and although we offer both metric and empire sizes, sometimes a specific size just in between is required. We can help. As a mill manufacturing non standard sizes is part our standard schedule. Send us your sizes and we will get back to you with an offer.


Special Copper Alloys

You may find within our products portfolio a very large range of standard alloys, made to a range of international standards. And when and if standard is not working and a specific requirement is required: chemical composition or mechanical properties, let us help with the challenge. We will cast to the specification and control the outcomes at our well equipped laboratories and form a standard non standard product for you, one that you will be able to reorder and be sure you will gat the same properties each time.

Special Profiles

When just a regular shape like Solid or Hollow Round/Hex/Rectangle is not enough, usually for large volumes of machined parts with a specific shape, a closer to the final size and shape profile is needed, to save turning, processing time and energy. We have a lot of experience in casting and extruding special profile and we will be glade to help. Please consult us if you need special profile.