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Typical Uses

Ingots : Large 80X80 mm
Ingots : Small 65X65 mm
Product availabillity


Chemical Composition

(%max, unless shown as range or min)

Cu Ni B Mn Pb Sn Zn Al Fe Si
Min/Max 59.0-60.5 0.2 -* 0.05 1.2-1.7 0.3 Rem 0.4-0.65 0.05-0.2 0.03

NOTE 1 The mechanical properties for pressure die castings (shown bracketed) are not mandatory requirements,
but are given for information only (see note 4 of 6.2).
NOTE 2 For drinking water applications no other single element should be more than 0,02 %. The sum of these
single elements should not exceed 0,25 %.
* Unless it is agreed between the purchaser and the supplier that other grain refining agents may be used, ingots in
this alloy shall be grain refined using boron, to have a maximum average grain diameter of 0,100 mm.