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  • Architecture
  • General Engineering
  • Electricity
  • Consumer Products

Typical Uses

Forging and pressing of all kinds

Builders Hardware
Door Handles, Decorative Knobs, Furniture Hardware

Valve Bodies for Refrigeration, Chemicals

Golf Putters, Valve Bodies for Scuba & Propane Spray Tanks, Valve Bodies for Agricultural Spray Tanks

Covers, Fuse Bodies

Valve Components, Forgings and Pressings of All Kinds

Round : 3/8" - 3"
Hexagonal : 3/8" - 2"
Square : 3/8" - 1.5"
Rectangle : W: 1/2" - 4"
Bar Length : 10ft - 12ft
Profile : According to customers drawing
Product availabillity


Chemical Composition

(%max, unless shown as range or min)


Note: Cu + Sum of Named Elements, 99.5% min.

Applicable Specifications

* Bar, Rod, Forging – ASTM B124

Fabrication Processes

* Hot Forging and Pressing
* Hot Heading and Upsetting
* Machining

Fabrication Properties

Joining TechniqueSuitability
Oxyacetylene WeldingNot Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc WeldingNot Recommended
Coated Metal Arc WeldingNot Recommended
Spot WeldNot Recommended
Seam WeldNot Recommended
Butt WeldFair
Capacity for Being Cold WorkedPoor
Capacity for Being Hot FormedExcellent
Forgeability Rating100
Machinability Rating80

Physical Properties

US CustomaryMetric
Melting Point – Liquidus1640 F893 C
Melting Point – Solidus1620 F882 C
Density0.305 lb/in3 at 68 F8.44 gm/cm3 at 20 C
Specific Gravity8.448.44
Electrical Resistivity38.4 ohms-cmil/ft at 68 F6.38 microhm-cm at 20 C
Electrical Conductivity27 %IACS at 68 F0.158 MegaSiemens/cm at 20 C
Thermal Conductivity69.0 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2·°F) at 68 F119.4 W/m ·°K at 20 C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion11.5·10-6 per °F (68-572 F)20.7·10-6 per °C (20-300 C)
Specific Heat Capacity0.09 Btu/lb/°F at 68 F377.1 J/kg · °K at 20 C
Modulus of Elasticity in Tension15000 ksi103400 MPa
Modulus of Rigidity5600 ksi38610 MPa